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Commercial Real Estate Strategist, Consultant, Broker

Non-Traditional Thinking Producing Transformational Results

Connecting Possibility and Opportunity to Create Community

Licensed Real Estate Broker: Illinois, Michigan, Alabama

Think OutsidE the (Retail) Box

Modern retail with escalator.

We think outside the (retail) box.

Whether you’re looking for a space or leasing one, we’ll help you think creatively and imagine tactics beyond the norm. Anyone can do what’s always been done, but if that’s not working anymore, it’s time to think differently.

It’s Time for Me to Show Up Differently

Retail’s not dead, boring retail is dead.

Consumers and tenants are demanding innovation and experiences more than ever. We create unique, engaging, and award-winning(!) retail programs that help you differentiate from the pack.

Increase Revenue Through Activation

Ancillary Revenue Generation.

Create cash-flow beyond the standard lease form. Pop-up stores, brand activations, sponsorships, events. We find the dollars in your property that are often hiding in plain sight.

Gadiel Group has helped us generate thousands of dollars in untapped revenue while simultaneously re-engaging the community around our property.

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